Unconventional (and FUN) Social Media Marketing Holidays for Your Brand to Post About

What’s the point of social media marketing if you can’t have a little fun? Every good content calendar deserves some excitement!

If you’re looking for some inspiration that goes beyond the usual “tweets from my cubicle” or “our office is dog friendly” posts, we’ve got you covered. One easy way to bring some life to your brand’s online personality is by celebrating fun marketing holidays that let your company culture show.

Your social media marketing will be fun and successful with a calendar of holidays to keep your brand engaged and relevant. We don’t mean New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and the like. Think holidays like National Donut Day or Bike to Work Day—fun or interesting days that you can tailor your content around and make them work for you.

Finish this year strong and plan ahead for the next! Here’s a calendar of our favorite social media marketing holidays for brands to post about.

Establish wear-a-wild-hat-to-work day for your team and get your followers to choose the best lid. Use Instagram Story features to foster engagement and get Share your brand’s hats spotted in different places.

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